Winning Entry # 1 – Larissa Rodrigues




1 ) Tell us one major difference between facts and opinions.

      Facts are ‘what is’, opinions are ‘what may be’

      Facts are ‘straight’, opinions are ‘made’

      Facts are ‘what you can see’, opinions are ‘what you think’

      Facts are ‘in the shop’, opinions are ‘in the shopper’

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Lesser known facts about Mystery Shopping


The concept of mystery shopping has been around for quite some time. I first came across it a few years back when I had gone on a U.S for a trip to visit my cousins. I was highly intrigued by the concept and wanted to explore it more. In simple language, you are paid for availing the services of a particular brand in return of your valuable feedback. For example, if you are someone who has an eye for detail and cares about the quality of customer service being offered, then mystery shopping might be the job for you.

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I want to be a Redquanter…!!

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It is not just about winning, as they say. It is about participating. I completely agree to this. Hence I don’t miss out on taking part in any contest I am invited to. At work, the other day a colleague told me, when we put in so much effort and do an honest day’s work, a contest just boosts enthusiasm to keep it up! If I win, I am in the ‘spotlight’. I get so much attention and accolades that I feel like a super star. The same day I got to know about being a Redquanter. And I said to myself, I am surely “in”!

Becoming a Redquanter is something I really want to give a shot. Reasons are pretty simple.

–          I love Mystery Shopping. I would love to be called Redquanter.

–          I would enjoy being featured all over the place, and my moments of fame on Social Media (after all everyone I know and care for is connected to me on Facebook).

–          It’s easy. Simple questions. Simpler answers. Its not rocket science, it is about being able to give witty answers. I am game to start framing my answers already.

–          Last but not the least; I need a break from my daily routine. This contest seems like a good break to me!

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Mystery Shopper Blog Contest 2012 – entry by Sanjay Bhandari, Surat

I came to know about mystery shopping through my friend and I got really thrilled, having a feeling that it would be “paid fun”. However, on accomplishment of the first assignment, I realized that the “paid fun” is a serious business, which involves a lot of energy, effort, concentration and time. Soon, I appreciated the fact that no lunches are offered for free.
Mystery shopping, has been a great learning experience, as it has offered me an immense exposure to the customer centric initiatives, and top class house- keeping practices, followed by the good companies. Mystery shopping has helped me in honing up my observation skills, and more importantly, my interest in writing has also got a fresh lease of life.

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Winner – Mystery Shopper Blog Contest 2012 – entry by Renuca Veloso, Mumbai

Mystery Shopping changed my life!
I know, a rather strong-worded (If not, exaggerated) statement there. How did that happen, you ask?
Well, it all began one fine afternoon when I – Career Girl turned Stay-At-Home-Mom was pouring out my woes to a casual acquaintance I met online (yes, that’s how desperate I was for some social interaction) when she- Casual Acquaintance (God bless her) happened to mention this concept of mystery shopping. Aha! I saw a tiny glimmer of hope for this bored soul. Just maybe this was the answer to my prayers, a legitimate excuse for the hardworking husband to do some babysitting, and for moi to do something more ”worthwhile”. So I quickly got online, registered myself and waited for my “saviour” to call.

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Finalist – Mystery Shopper Blog Contest 2012 – entry by Nikhil Pant – Lucknow

The misadventure of a mystery shopper (Fiction)

As I wandered downstairs into what seemed like a clothing store, I pulled out a notepad to refresh my mind on what sections I had to check and what to look for. It seemed like I was a pro as no one recognized me for what I really was. Employees walked around like zombies mumbling hardly audible greeting and a few of them eventually gathered in one corner to start talking to themselves. No one paid any attention to me and I had to run up to the group, poke one of them viciously with the cane I was carrying and ask him to help me out in choosing a pair of boots to go with the awesome mystery shopper trench coat I was wearing. Dissatisfied with the service, I stomped out of the shop while grumbling loudly about the awful customer service and decided to blog about it. The cell phone started to ring madly in my pocket.

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Finalist – Mystery Shopper Blog Contest – entry by Aamir Ayubi, Mumbai

The Mysterious Life of A Wrap
After receiving the wrap, he usually relished it hastily. But not this time! My cardboard chariot came to rest in the center of the round melamine plate and placed under the bright tube light. The man opened the box and I couldn’t help but reveal myself cloaked in a smooth cape of butter paper. And resting behind the walls of my carriage was my ammunition, the pouch of tomato ketchup. The man lifted and placed me carefully in the center of another plate, unraveled my papery cloak, unrolled me to see what I was truly made of and photographed me yet again. He had to treat me with respect, for I was being observed. I had to shine.

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Could mystery shopping be a scam? What if I don’t get paid? Once I shop, when will I get paid?

We understand your concern that a firm could purport to be a mystery audit firm and turn out to be a scam instead.  It’s a risk all businesses run.

redquanta set up shop in 2009 and in less than 3 years has become SE Asia’s largest and one of the fastest growing mystery audit firms.

Our shoppers form the supply side of the business and therefore are our backbone; the ONLY way we have been able to succeed has been due to their trust & support.  And this trust has been well earned! Continue Reading →

Can I be a Mystery Shopper if I work or study full-time?

Mystery shopping is perhaps the ONLY part-time work option which is truly flexible.  Think about it:  You get to decide what you want to audit and when; there is no registration fee, no tedious forms to be filled and no upfront commitment from you.

You can be a mystery shopper irrespective of your qualifications; irrespective of whether you hold a full-time job or are a homemaker or student.

The ONLY criteria is age – YOU MUST BE 18 YEARS OLD OR ABOVE. Continue Reading →