Congratulations! Announcing the Winners of our ‘Rs. 20,000 Online Payment Habits’ Contest

At Redquanta, we are committed to helping brands understand their brand presence in the mind of customers with the help of various audits that we conduct through our mystery shoppers. It is a win-win situation for our clients as well as our registered shoppers. While our clients get insightful data that helps them grow and scale their business.

We want to send a big thank you to everyone who participated in our contest and helped make it a success!

And a special congratulations to all the winners of the Rs. 1,000 cash Prize in our Rs. 20,000  contest!.

Approximately 2000 users participated and the winners were chosen within no time, with the help of an automated lucky draw! The survey was a resounding success. It was conducted using an algorithm programmed to be completely unbiased and with ZERO human involvement in order to keep it truly fair and transparent for our participants.

Congratulations Winners!

List of Winners

Sr. No. Name of the Winner City Name
1 Mohammad Aquib Lucknow
2 Anuradha Bhat Mumbai
3 Amit Kedia Mumbai
4 Vikas kalra Lucknow
5 Sunil Pandey Pune
6 Santosh Lunkad Pune
7 Rajshree Vijay Indore
8 Jasraj Suri Chandigarh
9 Parul Varma Mumbai
10 Sohil Bangalore
11 Prateek Samar Mumbai
12 Rubina Rup Gurugram
13 Rohit Hooda Gurugram
14 Malav Shah Mumbai
15 Rahul Thane
16 Prateek Tripathy Greater Noida
17 Miitra Gesota Mumbai
18 Ojasvi Prasad New Delhi
19 Anubha Agrawal Bengaluru
20 Ekta Manot Hyderabad

We Conducted A Survey On Rental Apparels… And, Here Are The Winners!

At Redquanta, we are committed to helping brands understand their brand presence in the mind of customers with the help of various audits that we conduct through our mystery shoppers. It is a win-win situation for our clients as well as our registered shoppers. While our clients get insightful data that helps them grow and scale their business, our shoppers can, not only earn revenue while conducting the audits but also experience services of different brands.

But that’s not all we do at RedQuanta….

We have another very interesting and super easy alternative for users to earn some great freebies, vouchers and even monetize their efforts. This is through the surveys that we conduct for our clients!

Brands are really looking for answers to what a customer wants! And what better way to gather genuine responses than by asking the customers directly. We figured surveys are one of the most understated, yet super efficient way to bridge the gap between customers and brands, which is why we do a lot of surveys at regular intervals.

The exciting part? Winners of the survey get awesome deals and vouchers from us, which are worth every minute spent on the surveys!

We recently conducted one such survey where one of our clients wanted to understand the rental wear market in a deeper way to get an idea of what motivates people to rent clothing, their buying patterns, the amount they are comfortable spending, etc.

So, We Conducted A Survey…

Fun fact: A typical designer lehenga costing Rs. 7.5 lakhs will only come at a rent of Rs. 75,000 for you for four days. That seems like a pretty good deal!

Well, that’s possible as rental clothing has become a huge market, estimated to grow at a rate of 10.6% by the year 2023, allowing you to rent designer wear at 10% of the retail price!

So, coming back to our survey… We asked users, from the top 10 Indian cities, to participate in a survey on ethnic wear and party wear rentals. Mailers and SMSs were sent to them, with a link to the quick survey!

The questions we asked the respondents helped us interpret the penetration of online rental wear market in the minds of the consumers! Here are some of the questions our survey had!

  • We asked them about the brands they prefer, in watches, handbags, and apparels – to get an understanding of how they analyzed quality.
  • We asked them about their inclination to buy original designer apparels – if they wear them exclusively, for special occasions, or they are also comfortable with getting a less expensive replica!
  • We tried to gauge their interest in buying apparels online, as well as the kind of apparel they usually buy online.
  • We also tried to understand their knowledge of rental apparels and if they would be keen to rent them online.

Approximately 3000 users participated and the winners were chosen within no time, with the help of an automated lucky draw! The process was completely transparent, quick, authentic and error-free in every way, in tune with RedQuanta’s guiding principles!

The survey was a resounding success. It was conducted using an algorithm programmed to be completely unbiased and with ZERO human involvement in order to keep it truly fair and transparent for our participants.

It’s our pleasure to announce the winners who’ve won movie vouchers and couple passes to the Inox, PVR, and Cinepolis multiplexes!  

Sounds amazing, doesn’t it? If brand names make you go weak in the knees, don’t forget to sign up for our future studies and surveys. Who knows… you may be lucky enough to get a surprise gift you’ve been secretly wishing for!

List of the Winners

Sr No Name of the Winner City Name
1 Rupali Gupta Delhi
2 Sneha Sonavane Mumbai
3 Mangesh More Pune
4 Parul sharma Delhi
5 Saruchi Pathela Gurgaon
6 Rubina Rup Gurgaon
7 Devendra sharma Mumbai
8 Latika Bihani Mumbai
9 Gaurav Malhotra Gurgaon
10 Monika Bansal Pune
11 Saloni Seth Mumbai
12 Amoli Hindlekar Mumbai
13 Sammohini Khurana Delhi
14 Sudipta Sarkar Kolkata
15 Maithilee Borgaonkar Indore
16 Saurabh Dhanik Mumbai
17 Arun Soneji Mumbai
18 Ravikant Verma Mumbai
19 Mitu Shah Mumbai
20 Venu Taparia Pune
21 Uttam Agarwal Kolkata
22 Rupa Bhatt Mumbai
23 Saumil Banasal Mumbai
24 Devika Bhavsar Mumbai
25 Puja Vora Mumbai
26 Anjana gupta Delhi
27 Poornima Khandelwal Mumbai
28 Mita Bhanusali Mumbai
29 Ruchi jain Mumbai
30 Neha Varma Mumbai
31 Manpreet Kaur Rajpura
32 Vikram Singh Delhi
33 Avantika A Chitlangia Mumbai
34 Aakansha Gandhi Bangalore
35 Himani  Rakheja Delhi
36 Vineet Biyani Mumbai
37 Yash Biyani Mumbai
38 Pankaj Gera Delhi
39 Shankar Ramaswamy Chennai
40 Sapna Tomar Hyderabad
41 Vikas Delhi
42 Ankit Hirawat Mumbai
43 Furkan Karbelkar Mumbai
44 Chaitali Biyani Mumbai
45 Advait  Shukla Ahmedabad
47 Tahera Taher Jawadwala Mumbai
48 Shilpa Mundada Pune
49 Saumil Bansal Mumbai
50 Madhu Sudan Pandey Pune
51 Akansha Singhal Delhi
52 Vishal Ranjan Ghaziabad
53 Aashiya Badekhatal Mumbai
54 Vitthal Dare Pune
55 Yash khuthia Mumbai
56 Deepesh Waghela Mumbai
57 Avesh Jain Ahmedabad
58 Nikunj Chauhan Ahmedabad
59 Seemala Sankar Rao. Bangalore
60 Pulkit Kapoor Faridabad
61 Nitin Dokaniya Gurgaon
62 Rakesh Rathod Mumbai
63 Hritik Jain Mumbai
64 SUN G Chennai
65 Aniket Arora Mumbai
66 Kiran Bhosale Mumbai
67  MOHAMMAD Aasad Noida
68 Prapti Doshi Mumbai
69 Aamir Malik Delhi
70 Meenal Shukla Navi Mumbai
71 Arushi Singhal Delhi
72 Vasaav Jain Delhi
73 Ankita Ghosh Kolkata
74 Sohil Popat Bangalore
75 Chandani Sheth Kolkata
76 Susheel Shukla Bangalore
77 Shital Meghanathi Ahmedabad
78 Shikha Chaudhary Hyderabad
79 Karim Samnani Hyderabad
80 Harsh Shah Bangalore
81 Akshay Singhavi Chennai
82 Anubha Jain Bangalore
83 Satish Chowhan Hyderabad
84 Sumit Patodia Bangalore
85 Nitesh Bhandari Chennai
86 Mayur Jani Ahmedabad
87 Bhim Kumar Pune
88 Pushkar Brahme Pune
89 Maulik Shah Ahmedabad
90 Akhil Kumar Rungta Kolkata
91 Harshvardhan Gaikwad Pune
92 Shiveta Zutshi Pune
93 Mitesh Sonawane Pune
94 Abhinav Awasthi Hyderabad
95 Hrishikesh Dhabade Pune
96 Kalpana Kaushik New Delhi
97 Sulekha Neerukonda Hyderabad
98 Suraj Chaudhary New Delhi
99 Priyanka Lodaya Mumbai
100 Asbind Kumar Delhi
101 sudeepi Goel Noida
102 Anjali Gandhi Mumbai
103 Hiral Saraiya Mumbai
104 Nitin gupta Delhi
105 Radhika Agarwal Delhi
106 Suchita Bajaj Mumbai
107 Yogita Deshpande Mumbai
108 Prasoon Jadhav Pune
109 Reshma Sejpal Mumbai
110 Sreekanti Pillai Mumbai
111 Bharat Yadav Hyderabad
112 Rutuja Pagaria Mumbai
113 Kanika Sisodia Faridabad

Winning Entry # 1 – Larissa Rodrigues




1 ) Tell us one major difference between facts and opinions.

      Facts are ‘what is’, opinions are ‘what may be’

      Facts are ‘straight’, opinions are ‘made’

      Facts are ‘what you can see’, opinions are ‘what you think’

      Facts are ‘in the shop’, opinions are ‘in the shopper’

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Lesser known facts about Mystery Shopping


The concept of mystery shopping has been around for quite some time. I first came across it a few years back when I had gone on a U.S for a trip to visit my cousins. I was highly intrigued by the concept and wanted to explore it more. In simple language, you are paid for availing the services of a particular brand in return of your valuable feedback. For example, if you are someone who has an eye for detail and cares about the quality of customer service being offered, then mystery shopping might be the job for you.

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I want to be a Redquanter…!!

for_blog_red_quanter (1)


It is not just about winning, as they say. It is about participating. I completely agree to this. Hence I don’t miss out on taking part in any contest I am invited to. At work, the other day a colleague told me, when we put in so much effort and do an honest day’s work, a contest just boosts enthusiasm to keep it up! If I win, I am in the ‘spotlight’. I get so much attention and accolades that I feel like a super star. The same day I got to know about being a Redquanter. And I said to myself, I am surely “in”!

Becoming a Redquanter is something I really want to give a shot. Reasons are pretty simple.

–          I love Mystery Shopping. I would love to be called Redquanter.

–          I would enjoy being featured all over the place, and my moments of fame on Social Media (after all everyone I know and care for is connected to me on Facebook).

–          It’s easy. Simple questions. Simpler answers. Its not rocket science, it is about being able to give witty answers. I am game to start framing my answers already.

–          Last but not the least; I need a break from my daily routine. This contest seems like a good break to me!

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Mystery Shopper Blog Contest 2012 – entry by Sanjay Bhandari, Surat

I came to know about mystery shopping through my friend and I got really thrilled, having a feeling that it would be “paid fun”. However, on accomplishment of the first assignment, I realized that the “paid fun” is a serious business, which involves a lot of energy, effort, concentration and time. Soon, I appreciated the fact that no lunches are offered for free.
Mystery shopping, has been a great learning experience, as it has offered me an immense exposure to the customer centric initiatives, and top class house- keeping practices, followed by the good companies. Mystery shopping has helped me in honing up my observation skills, and more importantly, my interest in writing has also got a fresh lease of life.

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Winner – Mystery Shopper Blog Contest 2012 – entry by Renuca Veloso, Mumbai

Mystery Shopping changed my life!
I know, a rather strong-worded (If not, exaggerated) statement there. How did that happen, you ask?
Well, it all began one fine afternoon when I – Career Girl turned Stay-At-Home-Mom was pouring out my woes to a casual acquaintance I met online (yes, that’s how desperate I was for some social interaction) when she- Casual Acquaintance (God bless her) happened to mention this concept of mystery shopping. Aha! I saw a tiny glimmer of hope for this bored soul. Just maybe this was the answer to my prayers, a legitimate excuse for the hardworking husband to do some babysitting, and for moi to do something more ”worthwhile”. So I quickly got online, registered myself and waited for my “saviour” to call.

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Finalist – Mystery Shopper Blog Contest 2012 – entry by Nikhil Pant – Lucknow

The misadventure of a mystery shopper (Fiction)

As I wandered downstairs into what seemed like a clothing store, I pulled out a notepad to refresh my mind on what sections I had to check and what to look for. It seemed like I was a pro as no one recognized me for what I really was. Employees walked around like zombies mumbling hardly audible greeting and a few of them eventually gathered in one corner to start talking to themselves. No one paid any attention to me and I had to run up to the group, poke one of them viciously with the cane I was carrying and ask him to help me out in choosing a pair of boots to go with the awesome mystery shopper trench coat I was wearing. Dissatisfied with the service, I stomped out of the shop while grumbling loudly about the awful customer service and decided to blog about it. The cell phone started to ring madly in my pocket.

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Finalist – Mystery Shopper Blog Contest – entry by Aamir Ayubi, Mumbai

The Mysterious Life of A Wrap
After receiving the wrap, he usually relished it hastily. But not this time! My cardboard chariot came to rest in the center of the round melamine plate and placed under the bright tube light. The man opened the box and I couldn’t help but reveal myself cloaked in a smooth cape of butter paper. And resting behind the walls of my carriage was my ammunition, the pouch of tomato ketchup. The man lifted and placed me carefully in the center of another plate, unraveled my papery cloak, unrolled me to see what I was truly made of and photographed me yet again. He had to treat me with respect, for I was being observed. I had to shine.

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