We are often asked, “How do we choose our Mystery Shoppers??”

We understand that it’s a little disheartening to receive a rejection for the shop that you’ve applied for.  Believe us when we say that we’d love to NEVER EVER turn anyone down.  The reality though is that the shopper selection is primarily driven by the specs we receive from the client.

That said, as a philosophy redquanta believes in transparency.  So here goes; our key selection criteria.


The profile of the shopper has to match the target group that the client specifies.  Therefore, ensuring that your profile on our Shopper website (including the Extended Shopper Profile) is complete and up-to-date would greatly improve your chances of getting assigned.

Sometimes we require mothers with children below the age of 3 yrs; other times we may require working individuals with a valid passport and often, the target group could easily apply to a larger, broader shopper mass.


All shoppers who have ever done an audit with us get a rating depending on quality & accuracy of the report.  So on a 10-point scale, a 9-10 is an excellent rating; while an 8 would be a good and a 7 would be average and so on and so forth.

Timely submission, accuracy, absence of grammatical errors and contradictions, concise crisp observations and relevant comments will ensure a top rating.

We have two blogs dedicated to ‘comment writing’; feel free to read them when you can.




We work on very tight deadlines, hence the sooner the shop gets audited, the better it is for all concerned. Therefore, we always prefer someone who is willing to do the shop as soon as possible.

First come, First Serve

Keeping fair play in mind and all things being equal, the shopper that applies first gets assigned.

New Shoppers

For every assignment, a certain percentage of shoppers have to be ‘first-timers’; accordingly, a new shopper will generally be given priority over someone who has already audited that client or shop before.