This blog aims to tackle the mystery shoppers’ biggest nemesis – the FEARED ‘audit report’; on a serious note, we understand your apprehension and hope that this piece helps clear some doubts.  Should you have any queries or clarifications, do not hesitate to contact us.

We are a beat away!

A good report ensures a good shopper rating; and a consistent rating would put you in our ‘elite shoppers’ category.  The incentives are better payouts and preference to audit our luxury brands.  So, there! That should motivate you to continue writing fabulous reports.

The mystery audit report is a little more detailed than a feedback form that you’ve all probably filled at a restaurant or hotel.  The simplest report could take anywhere between 20-30 minutes while the most complex one would take anywhere between an hour -90 minutes.

The key while filling the report is to remember WHY you are filling it – clients are keen to have first-hand information from their consumers – YOU.

While the good things that you say help clients standardise practices across outlets and also help incentivise deserving employees; the negative comments help them improve services.  So the most important thing to remember is that your report should help the client improve operations and profitability.

The most obvious first step to writing a good report is to read the guidelines very carefully and understand the purpose of the audit; then read the questionnaire and make a mental note of the finer points.  Should you have any doubt (even the silliest one), pick up the phone and talk to your redquanta project leader.

The objective (yes/no) type questions are very simple to understand and fill; the ONLY thing to remember is that your yes, no, na answers do not contradict themselves.   Your answers should follow logic and should not be confusing.

Another myth in the report is the comments section.  A negative answer generally requires an explanation; however if the answer is self explanatory then there is no need for a comment.  A comment should cover information that the sections in the report don’t.  Comments that merely repeat what’s already in the report add no value and hence should be avoided.

We have covered ‘comments’ in great detail in our other blogs.  Refer links for the same.

Some tips that make report writing easy:

Avoid being opinionated – Instead of having an opinion about how it ‘should’ have been or how it ‘could’ have been, explain how it ‘really’ was.   Clients require FACTS so write about what you heard, saw and experienced instead of what you felt.   Give your opinion only where it is asked; else stick to facts!

Make a mental note of all positive and negative points:  be observant and make a mental note of all the good and bad that you saw or experienced.  This will help you write relevant and helpful comments.  Remember, comments on areas that are already covered in the report will only lead to repetition and a waste of time – yours and ours!

Check for spelling errors and do not use short forms or slang:   mystery audits are fun and we don’t want to change that for you; however, it is also serious business, hence ensure that the language you use is spoken English and not slang.  Start a sentence with capital letters; follow the rules of grammar and punctuation and avoid smileys and other emoticons.  Short forms and spelling errors make the editing process a real pain so do pay attention to these finer points whilst writing the report.