“Hey! That seems unbelievable yet very interesting”, was my reaction when  a number of years ago while browsing on the net, I read about  people shopping, going places, seeing movies, eating out and getting paid for it. On reading further, the term which stood out was, ‘Mystery Shopping’. My curiosity got the better of me and I started reading up about this interesting method of getting freebies and earning a bit too. The best part was doing all this in one’s leisure time. Thanks to the internet, I got a lot of information on this subject and discovered that there were mystery shoppers all over the world.

The concept of going incognito to various places, observing what was required and using that feedback to help companies improve their product and service standards, appealed to me and I joined various companies and started my journey as a “Mystery Shopper.”

Companies and brands certainly benefit from the mystery shoppers evaluations and feedback since it gives them an insight into the areas of their businesses which require improvement and also help them to identify loyal, client oriented staff. I used to often visit a well known store and was disappointed at the disinterested attitude of the staff and some of the damaged, unclean areas of the store. However, after a couple of feedbacks as a mystery shopper, I discovered that staff attitude and behaviour had improved and the damaged and untidy areas of the store had been taken care of. It was a pleasant feeling to know that I had a little hand in this improvement!!

I enjoy being a mystery shopper because apart from seeing the improvements in places I have evaluated, it has also been a learning process for me. My observation, retention and writing skills have got further honed. Working as a mystery shopper over the years, I have developed an acute eye for detail. In addition, I have also honed my observation skills and ability to pick flaws, having done a large number of mystery audits.  This has also inculcated a high degree of discretion, fairness and a level-headed approach when conducting myself in my daily and professional life.

I have worked as a mystery shopper with various companies for the last eight years. My experience has been excellent since I could see changes being implemented due to mystery shopper reports.

Working with Red Quanta has been a pleasure and my journey with them as a mystery shopper has brought about interesting experiences. The assignments they give are interesting and well defined. The team is so friendly and helpful while being professional, that it hardly seems like work.. As a company, Red Quanta is always there for its mystery shoppers and ensures that doing their assignments is a pleasure..

– Ranjana