RedQuanta is one Asia’s fastest growing, mystery audit startups. One of their ongoing efforts is finding and adding ‘Mystery Shoppers’ to their database and this is where you, your friends, family and their acquaintances could find value.


Very simply put, companies and service providers want first hand feedback, especially, constructive criticism and ‘areas to improve on’ from customers. RedQuanta ‘audits’ stores, spas, salons, restaurants, e-stores, financial service providers etc on an anonymous basis and provides them with valuable feedback to improve customer satisfaction and efficiency.

Mystery Shoppers – YOU?

If you like to shop or eat out or visit salons and various service providers as part of your normal life AND have ‘an eye for detail’ and basic English writing skills, YOU can join us as a Mystery Shopper.
Since the process is web-based, you will need an email account and internet access to register with us, choose your audit and submit your findings to RedQuanta. Although the process is very simple, being net-savvy is an added advantage.
We require people pan-India; men and women who are 18 years and above can become part of our shoppers’ network. Also, we hire 365 days of the year so feel free to revisit us whenever you find the time and inclination to join our Mystery Shopper network.

What’s it in for you?

Your shopping or eating out gets paid for or subsidised and it’s a nice way to stay engaged; you get paid (in cash or kind) for your ability to constructively critique a shopping experience and in turn add value to clients. We even have audits that you can do at the airport while waiting to board a plane.
And as you become a seasoned shopper and the quality of your reports improve, the payouts get more lucrative (like an all-paid for holiday-mystery audit). This is part of our ‘Incentive Program’ for mystery shoppers that regularly churn out high-quality and timely reports. It’s our little way to show you that we value you and want you to participate in our growth and profits.
The incentives are in the form of higher payouts, better audits and preference given to audit our luxury brands (5 star holiday packages, international crystal jewellery brands, premier restaurants and night-clubs amongst others).

If you are a college student (pursuing graduation/post-graduation), in addition to the above, RedQuanta will give you a project-completion certificate which could help you immensely during your various job interviews.

What’s in it for us?

What we get in exchange from you is a report on your experience in a prescribed format. It’s a little more detailed than the ‘feedback forms’ that you’ve probably filled in at a restaurant and will take anywhere between 30 – 60 minutes of your time.
The questions that you need to answer are largely objective (Yes/no type); although, there will be some sections which require your comments and suggestions. What we are looking for is a keen ‘eye for detail’ and timely submission of reports to help us meet client deadlines.

An example

Malvika is an attractive 20 something, working girl from Mumbai; as part of our shoppers network, she visits a leading salon and avails services worth Rs 2,000/-, fills in a report which takes all of 30 minutes of her precious time and gets her bill reimbursed. Her friend, Saira, visits a doughnut outlet, buys goodies worth Rs 250/- and takes cash (another Rs 250/-) in return for a report of her experience at the store.

It sounds too simple, right? It really is. There is no registration fee, no tedious forms to be filled and no upfront commitment from you. You decide what you want to audit and when.

What we urge you to do to make this a win-win for us both

• Meet your commitment to audit! What we mean is that if you commit to visit our client at a particular date and time, do meet that commitment.
• Send us the complete report within the stipulated time so that we can keep our commitment to our clients.
• Ensure that the report is complete, accurate and has all the finer points that would help improve customer service in the future. This would negate any calls that you may have to answer from our editors in case of glaring gaps in the audit report.

How does one register

A simple registration that takes about 5 minutes and you are set.
Once you register and are logged on, select the ‘Job Board’ icon on the top-centre of the web page. Filter jobs by state; once you see the jobs on your screen, you can sort them by due-date, company or location. Details of what needs to be done on the audit are provided therein; read and understand details carefully and apply to the shops of your choice.

Once RedQuanta approves your selection, you will receive instructions and the audit report that you need to fill on your registered email address; someone from the RedQuanta team will also call you to explain the process and clarify doubts, if any.

That’s it! You visit the shop, avail services, fill in the report and claim the amount of bill/cash.

The link below will take you to the registration page.

In case you have any difficulties registering or selecting jobs, do not hesitate to contact Aishwarya on 91-9920398423 or email her on

Happy (Mystery) Shopping !!! And thanks in advance for your help and support.

– Priyanka