The process as you know is very simple; as a shopper you select audits as per your areas of interest & convenience.  We, as a firm would like nothing better than to give our shoppers every assignment that they choose.  However, the reality is far from this; final matching of audits to shoppers is driven WHOLLY by the client (whose shop you will go and audit).

Client’s instructions are generally very clear with respect to the profile & demographics that they require the shopper to have.

We simply match the clients’ instructions with the shoppers’ profile and allocate audits.

Therefore, we cannot guarantee the number of audits that you may get per month. However, there are a few things that improve your chances of getting more assignments:

Applying to several audits instead of choosing just a few;

Ensuring that your Shopper profile is updated at all times: often, our Schedulers find themselves lacking in data while matching shoppers to audit; this is when an updated profile becomes elixir. The more details we have of the shopper, the easier it is for us to match a profile to an audit and assign the same.

Often, (and especially in case of cancellations), the shopper profile helps the Scheduler in identifying shoppers and assigning jobs to the ‘right’ person.

Also, if our experience with you has been satisfactory and you’ve completed and submitted reports in time; and have a good shopper rating, your chances of getting more audits increase.   

We love nothing more than a dependable & enthusiastic shopper.