Our sincere apologies! The process of selecting an audit (as you already) know is very simple; as a shopper, you select audits as per your areas of interest & convenience.

We, as a firm would like nothing better than to give our shoppers every assignment that they choose.  However, the reality is far from this; final matching of audits to shoppers is driven WHOLLY by the client (whose shop you will go and audit).

Client’s instructions are generally very clear with respect to the profile & demographics that they require the shopper to have.

We simply match the clients’ instructions with the shoppers’ profile and allocate audits.

Therefore, there will be instances where you may have applied for an audit and not been assigned the same.  The reason is that one or some of the client specified parameters haven’t matched your profile.

What we recommend you do:

  • apply for more assignment – that certainly improves your chances;
  • drop us an email when your are travelling to another location or are going to be at an airport so that we can identify audits and allocate the same to you;
  • keep your shopper profile updated as that enables better matching of audits to profiles

Our Schedulers love enthusiastic and pro-active shoppers and often need to find shoppers last minute (especially in case of cancellations) – this is where your ‘staying in touch’ and updated profiles make a big difference.