What you stand to earn as a shopper differs from assignment to assignment; typically, payment for your audit effort is in the form of reimbursement (also called actuals) and/or a fee.

Actuals or reimbursements means that we pay for your purchases or spend (which is obviously capped at a certain level).  So if the cap is Rs 1,000/- and you spend Rs 600/-; we will reimburse Rs 600; however, if you were to spend Rs 1,500/- then we would cap the reimbursement at Rs 1,000/-.

You may also make a fee, which is a flat amount that we pay, irrespective of whether you’ve spent that money or not.

Hence payment for mystery shopping is in kind (where we reimburse your bill amount) and/or in cash (flat fee).

Now the tax part – since a mystery shopper is not an employee of Redquanta, we neither compute nor deduct any tax.  Income earned from mystery shopping therefore needs to be considered by the shopper in his total income while he/she calculates his final tax liability.