Okay, so you may find this blog a tad technical & boring but we wanted to share it with you anyways.

Often we are faced with client’s demanding exclusivity; this means that if the client (for example) is a playschool chain then he expects us to not work with any other play school but his.

We understand that the client’s biggest fear is ‘data security’; as mystery audit providers we are privy to some very sensitive client information which in the wrong hands could be seriously damaging.

This is our biggest concern as well which is why we have adequate controls in place to ensure that it never happens.Being part of an investor group that comprises very reputed entities & individuals gives us the added responsibility of maintaining confidentiality & data security at all times.  Imagine what would happen (to us & them) if information leaks?

We stand to lose not just our reputation & credibility but a brand that we have so carefully & painstakingly built over these past years.

Proof of our systems is in the fact that we service leading companies who are co-competitors across sectors.

Our Board of Directors is closely involved in creating & upgrading systems which ensure zero data leakage; we follow ‘chinese-walls’ especially where we are servicing clients who are competitors.

Our largest cost (we prefer to see this as an investment) is towards adopting best practices in data management & security.

Simply put, redquanta stands to lose as much (if not more) should there be data abuse or leakage.

There are a few more factors that prevent us from going exclusive.

Unlike the Western countries where mystery shopping is a popular, accepted & respected profession and tool for companies to improve services, the space in India is still very nascent.

Shoppers therefore are hard to find and those that join us require a variety of assignments to keep them motivated; should we become ‘exclusive’ our ability to keep our shoppers happy will be severely impacted.

Another challenge in our industry is finding shoppers that fit client specifications; so if we were to restrict ourselves to single clients per industry, it would become very difficult to attract shoppers that fit varied profiles.  Offering shoppers varied assignments regularly is key to succeeding in our business.

Not just shoppers, clients too are taking their time to warm up to mystery shopping and the progressive few drive very hard bargains with respect to what they pay us; therefore the ONLY way we can grow and become a name to reckon with is by adding more clients & shoppers.

Also, we’ve seen that having shoppers with exposure to multiple clients in same segment is in fact beneficial to clients as shoppers offer a comparative view of businesses in the same industry.

Provided that systems to manage data are robust, clients in fact stand to gain (through comparative shopper insights) more from NOT seeking exclusivity from a mystery-audit provider.