As a mystery shopper with redquanta, you get reimbursed and/or get paid a fee for your shopping and eating out; in exchange, we require you to share your experiences with us in a simple format.

Our clients include retail stores, luxury brands, spas, salons, restaurants, car manufacturer, multiplexes, coffee chains, premium apparel brands and even banks and financial institutions.

You have complete flexibility – you choose the audit as per your likes and interests.  And you decide when you want to shop!

There is no upfront commitment from you; no tedious form-filling & no fee to register.

Mystery shopping is a great way to have some of your regular expenses reimbursed and also make some money on the side.

As a consumer who does mystery shopping you get a chance to use your observation and intelligence to help the client (whose outlet you audit) improve operations – the good things you say help standardise practices across the Company and also helps reward deserving employees.

The bad things you say become improvements measures that the Company adopts to improve customer experience and finally, sales and profitability.

The value of customer service is fast gaining importance in the Indian retail space; so instead of throwing a fit at a restaurant or store (where you’ve felt customer service lacking), mystery shopping would allow you to give feedback & make a difference through constructive criticism.

Why rant and create a scene when you can be heard & get paid for it!

Mystery shoppers pose as regular customers and perform specified tasks like asking questions, buying merchandise or behaving in a pre-determined way to assess the quality and speed of services.

If you are a college student, then in addition to the reimbursement/fee, redquanta gives you a project completion certificate for your mystery shopping effort which could help you immensely in your further studies or job interviews.