Mystery shopping is a widely used and accepted method to help companies monitor & improve services.

Therefore, most companies and organisations would keep their staff informed that mystery auditors have been appointed to help them improve customer service.

In fact, companies are known to share relevant portions of the audit report with outlet heads and staff so as to help them identify strengths and work on weaknesses.However, shops and outlets are not told when the audits are performed and who the mystery shoppers are.

The crux of mystery shopping is – Staying anonymous, hence we urge shoppers to:

  • behave like regular customers and observe the outlets ‘going-on’ as regular astute customers would;
  • never announce that they are ‘evaluating’ the shop (an obvious request but it’s still known to happen);
  • refrain from making notes and taking photographs in the presence of the outlet staff.  Should you need to write down a few key observations do so when you are alone and without raising suspicion;
  • be extra cautious while clicking photographs or making videos of staff members.

despite following the above, someone at the shop asks you whether you are an auditor, say ‘NO’ and continue to act like a regular customer.

At no stage should your ‘cover’ be blown and if it does or if you have the slightest doubt that the staff suspects that you are mystery shopping, pick up the phone and immediately call your redquanta team member or drop us an sms or an email.