The Mysterious Life of A Wrap
After receiving the wrap, he usually relished it hastily. But not this time! My cardboard chariot came to rest in the center of the round melamine plate and placed under the bright tube light. The man opened the box and I couldn’t help but reveal myself cloaked in a smooth cape of butter paper. And resting behind the walls of my carriage was my ammunition, the pouch of tomato ketchup. The man lifted and placed me carefully in the center of another plate, unraveled my papery cloak, unrolled me to see what I was truly made of and photographed me yet again. He had to treat me with respect, for I was being observed. I had to shine.

Why? Was I to become a star? The man had never given any other wrap this kind of respect, for I was told; here I could accomplish my mission instantly upon arrival.

At this point I was contemplating whether I would fail my mission for which I was created; my mission to kill the hunger in the battle of the hungry belly. I was re-rolled. I watched carefully, my ammunition – the ketchup, being poured strategically near the circumference of the race track like banked dish, moving slowly towards the center, like molten lava.

And lo! I was dipped in the ketchup, bitten, tasted and relished by the man. Resting in his belly with my mission accomplished, I was mystified. “Why was I scrutinized? Was it a test? Did I pass with flying colours?”

If it could listen, not only did the wrap accomplish its mission, it also helped the man accomplish his mission. His gratified face said it all; for the man, was mystery shopping.