I came to know about mystery shopping through my friend and I got really thrilled, having a feeling that it would be “paid fun”. However, on accomplishment of the first assignment, I realized that the “paid fun” is a serious business, which involves a lot of energy, effort, concentration and time. Soon, I appreciated the fact that no lunches are offered for free.
Mystery shopping, has been a great learning experience, as it has offered me an immense exposure to the customer centric initiatives, and top class house- keeping practices, followed by the good companies. Mystery shopping has helped me in honing up my observation skills, and more importantly, my interest in writing has also got a fresh lease of life.

Further, now “looking forward” to new and interesting assignments, has added an element of “excitement” to otherwise, quite a monotonous life. I would further like to add that my family life has also improved, as we now, go out more frequently having fun, quality experience and services, without putting any additional strain on the budget. Also, a sense of achievement and contribution is there, when you get good grades, for an assignment done well.
Mystery shopping has given me an exposure to high end stores, and services, which normally, I would not have ventured out on my own. Further, you can replicate and apply the learning, out of mystery shopping experience to your job profile, which in fact is a double bonanza.
Last but surely, not the least, you save some money also, which is really an icing on the cake. Mystery shopping has put thrill, back into my life. To conclude, Mystery shopping has brought lot of cheer and happiness, for me and my family.