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It is not just about winning, as they say. It is about participating. I completely agree to this. Hence I don’t miss out on taking part in any contest I am invited to. At work, the other day a colleague told me, when we put in so much effort and do an honest day’s work, a contest just boosts enthusiasm to keep it up! If I win, I am in the ‘spotlight’. I get so much attention and accolades that I feel like a super star. The same day I got to know about being a Redquanter. And I said to myself, I am surely “in”!

Becoming a Redquanter is something I really want to give a shot. Reasons are pretty simple.

–          I love Mystery Shopping. I would love to be called Redquanter.

–          I would enjoy being featured all over the place, and my moments of fame on Social Media (after all everyone I know and care for is connected to me on Facebook).

–          It’s easy. Simple questions. Simpler answers. Its not rocket science, it is about being able to give witty answers. I am game to start framing my answers already.

–          Last but not the least; I need a break from my daily routine. This contest seems like a good break to me!

So guys wear your thinking caps and get cracking. It is going to be one among us who stands to shine and shine for one whole week, in all places that matter to Redquanta!

Click on the link below to submit your entries:

Last date of sending in your entries- May 20, Monday, 6:00 PM.

May the best shopper win..!!

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