Enrich, a leading salon chain in Western India, is a good case study for anyone wanting to understand customer service. Started in 1997, it now has more than 54 salons in the country across 5 cities– primarily in Mumbai, and is arguably a leader when it comes to customer service in the salon space.

Vikram Bhatt, the founder of Enrich, has spoken a lot in the media about what makes Enrich click with the customers. Enrich being a customer of ours, we have also had multiple interactions with Vikram & Bhupesh (Director Operations) at Enrich. Here is our take on what we think makes them stand out amidst competition:

  1. Focus on staff – Having worked with them for over 3 years now, we have seen how the management team lays emphasis on training their staff in order to ensure the customers get their money’s worth. Apart from skills training, Enrich ensures that the staff goes through an all-round training program – be it grooming, behavioral training, or selling skills – Enrich staff members hit all the correct check marks.
  2. Transparency – Enter an Enrich salon and you will never feel you are being taken for a ride. Right from being open with their charges with a standardized rate card, to showing you what product they are using on you, we’ve always found them honest in their dealings.
  3. Out of Box Thinking – We have always seen Enrich focusing on ‘what next’ – so no wonder that the management ensures all new initiatives are well accepted  within the company. Be it sending out invitation-like discount cards for their  newly launched salons, or the pick-up-drop facility for their JVLR salon customers who could not find parking outside the salon, Enrich has always thought on its feet. In fact the staff are also incentivized (through a structured process) to ensure a great customer experience
  4. Fast Decisions – This is something that everyone we have spoken to about Enrich has told us – the Enrich management is fast with decision-making! No wonder that they adopt new practices and roll out programs with such ease. In fact, they signed our contract after just one meeting!!
  5. Tracking Customer Satisfaction – Enrich invests in tracking customer inputs in a very professional manner. Be it mystery audits to check how a customer is served, or collecting feedback post service from every customer, or having quality audits by their internal  quality team, Enrich ensures they have a tight control on what is really happening and act in accordance with the inputs they get.

We spoke to a few staff members of Enrich too – interestingly they all wanted to know if we were a ‘mystery customer’! 🙂 Once they were comfortable that we were not, they opened up to us. Most of them seemed very happy being at Enrich – and all of them mentioned the well-structured staff program as a reason for it. As part of this program, they are expected to deliver well on the skills they are trained on – including wishing customers, understanding their needs, recommending the right solutions to them, and of course performing the service well. They get periodic training from expert professionals at the Enrich Academy, and have a well-defined career path too. Most of them said that they like working for an employer who focuses so much on them – and not just the revenues.

This is our take – what do you think? Do share your experiences at Enrich with us!

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