This is the OFFICIAL RedQuanta blog.

What is RedQuanta?

RedQuanta focuses on customer experience based research & analysis. Mystery Shopping forms the core of RedQuanta’s approach.

RedQuanta helps it clients identify key problems or areas of service to be solved & measured. It works closely with its clients and provides them advanced online tracking and reporting systems to deliver accurate & timely reports.

A key differentiator for RedQuanta is our ability to source ‘real’ shoppers that match our clients’ target. Be it a housewife purchasing personal care products or business customers of a luxury hotel.

RedQuanta also employs a state of art mystery shopping software supported by well-defined processes for every aspect of mystery shopping ensuring the highest quality for every assignment it executes.

RedQuanta partners with its clients to build customized mystery shopping programs that suit their needs based on the size of the company and industry. We work with clients who are the industry leaders in verticals like Education, Gaming Retail, Apparels & Personal Accessories, Food & Beverage, Banking & Insurance, Entertainment Retail, Hospitality, Telecom, IT, Automotive etc.

We are a portfolio company of the Morpheus Venture partners( and have access to huge base of domain experts in all verticals through them.

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