Lesser known facts about Mystery Shopping


The concept of mystery shopping has been around for quite some time. I first came across it a few years back when I had gone on a U.S for a trip to visit my cousins. I was highly intrigued by the concept and wanted to explore it more. In simple language, you are paid for availing the services of a particular brand in return of your valuable feedback. For example, if you are someone who has an eye for detail and cares about the quality of customer service being offered, then mystery shopping might be the job for you.

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What’s the best thing about being a Mystery Shopper?

Mystery Shopping is fun, flexible and a great way to stay gainfully engaged while getting some of your regular expenses reimbursed and/or making some money on the side.

You choose when and what you want to audit.  You never know when you might get an assignment at your favourite restaurant, salon or retail store; the scenarios generally differ each assignment so there is a surprise element each time you audit. Continue Reading →

Why should I become a Mystery Shopper?

As a mystery shopper with redquanta, you get reimbursed and/or get paid a fee for your shopping and eating out; in exchange, we require you to share your experiences with us in a simple format.

Our clients include retail stores, luxury brands, spas, salons, restaurants, car manufacturer, multiplexes, coffee chains, premium apparel brands and even banks and financial institutions. Continue Reading →

Mystery Shopping for beginners!!

RedQuanta is one Asia’s fastest growing, mystery audit startups. One of their ongoing efforts is finding and adding ‘Mystery Shoppers’ to their database and this is where you, your friends, family and their acquaintances could find value.


Very simply put, companies and service providers want first hand feedback, especially, constructive criticism and ‘areas to improve on’ from customers. RedQuanta ‘audits’ stores, spas, salons, restaurants, e-stores, financial service providers etc on an anonymous basis and provides them with valuable feedback to improve customer satisfaction and efficiency. Continue Reading →

Writing a Good Report – Simplified for You!

This blog aims to tackle the mystery shoppers’ biggest nemesis – the FEARED ‘audit report’; on a serious note, we understand your apprehension and hope that this piece helps clear some doubts.  Should you have any queries or clarifications, do not hesitate to contact us.

We are a beat away!

A good report ensures a good shopper rating; and a consistent rating would put you in our ‘elite shoppers’ category.  The incentives are better payouts and preference to audit our luxury brands.  So, there! That should motivate you to continue writing fabulous reports. Continue Reading →

How do we choose our Mystery Shoppers??

We are often asked, “How do we choose our Mystery Shoppers??”

We understand that it’s a little disheartening to receive a rejection for the shop that you’ve applied for.  Believe us when we say that we’d love to NEVER EVER turn anyone down.  The reality though is that the shopper selection is primarily driven by the specs we receive from the client.

That said, as a philosophy redquanta believes in transparency.  So here goes; our key selection criteria. Continue Reading →