Finalist – Mystery Shopper Blog Contest 2012 – entry by Nikhil Pant – Lucknow

The misadventure of a mystery shopper (Fiction)

As I wandered downstairs into what seemed like a clothing store, I pulled out a notepad to refresh my mind on what sections I had to check and what to look for. It seemed like I was a pro as no one recognized me for what I really was. Employees walked around like zombies mumbling hardly audible greeting and a few of them eventually gathered in one corner to start talking to themselves. No one paid any attention to me and I had to run up to the group, poke one of them viciously with the cane I was carrying and ask him to help me out in choosing a pair of boots to go with the awesome mystery shopper trench coat I was wearing. Dissatisfied with the service, I stomped out of the shop while grumbling loudly about the awful customer service and decided to blog about it. The cell phone started to ring madly in my pocket.

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Finalist – Mystery Shopper Blog Contest – entry by Aamir Ayubi, Mumbai

The Mysterious Life of A Wrap
After receiving the wrap, he usually relished it hastily. But not this time! My cardboard chariot came to rest in the center of the round melamine plate and placed under the bright tube light. The man opened the box and I couldn’t help but reveal myself cloaked in a smooth cape of butter paper. And resting behind the walls of my carriage was my ammunition, the pouch of tomato ketchup. The man lifted and placed me carefully in the center of another plate, unraveled my papery cloak, unrolled me to see what I was truly made of and photographed me yet again. He had to treat me with respect, for I was being observed. I had to shine.

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Could mystery shopping be a scam? What if I don’t get paid? Once I shop, when will I get paid?

We understand your concern that a firm could purport to be a mystery audit firm and turn out to be a scam instead.  It’s a risk all businesses run.

redquanta set up shop in 2009 and in less than 3 years has become SE Asia’s largest and one of the fastest growing mystery audit firms.

Our shoppers form the supply side of the business and therefore are our backbone; the ONLY way we have been able to succeed has been due to their trust & support.  And this trust has been well earned! Continue Reading →

Can I be a Mystery Shopper if I work or study full-time?

Mystery shopping is perhaps the ONLY part-time work option which is truly flexible.  Think about it:  You get to decide what you want to audit and when; there is no registration fee, no tedious forms to be filled and no upfront commitment from you.

You can be a mystery shopper irrespective of your qualifications; irrespective of whether you hold a full-time job or are a homemaker or student.

The ONLY criteria is age – YOU MUST BE 18 YEARS OLD OR ABOVE. Continue Reading →

How does my report help the Company?

Companies and service providers in India are finally waking up to the power that consumers wield in making or breaking their business.  Indian consumers too have finally started demanding better service and do not mind paying a premium for high quality service.

While mystery audits could cover various aspects of a client’s business, the crux is obtaining first-hand customer feedback that would help them improve operations.  Continue Reading →

Will the client’s staff know that a mystery audit is taking place? What happens if I get caught or staff suspects me of being a mystery auditor?

Mystery shopping is a widely used and accepted method to help companies monitor & improve services.

Therefore, most companies and organisations would keep their staff informed that mystery auditors have been appointed to help them improve customer service.

In fact, companies are known to share relevant portions of the audit report with outlet heads and staff so as to help them identify strengths and work on weaknesses. Continue Reading →

Why must I complete & submit the audit report within 24 hours of my visit?

One of the key factors in mystery shopping is that the shopper (i.e. you) stay anonymous; which means that you need to conduct yourself like a regular shopper.

The guidelines and questionnaires, although simple, require you to observe, note and recall fine details.  You obviously cannot carry a pen & paper and make notes while you are shopping and therefore need to rely on your memory to recall all that you seen and observed.

This is the main reason we require you to complete and submit your report within 24 hours of shopping.

The human mind’s ability to recall finer & minute details has a very small window and starts diminishing rapidly.  After a day or two, you may be able to recall the key points but are bound to forget the finer details which are key to a good and meaningful report (which we owe our clients).  Continue Reading →

When clients demand exclusivity!

Okay, so you may find this blog a tad technical & boring but we wanted to share it with you anyways.

Often we are faced with client’s demanding exclusivity; this means that if the client (for example) is a playschool chain then he expects us to not work with any other play school but his.

We understand that the client’s biggest fear is ‘data security’; as mystery audit providers we are privy to some very sensitive client information which in the wrong hands could be seriously damaging.

This is our biggest concern as well which is why we have adequate controls in place to ensure that it never happens. Continue Reading →

I have applied for assignments but have not been assigned any, why?

Our sincere apologies! The process of selecting an audit (as you already) know is very simple; as a shopper, you select audits as per your areas of interest & convenience.

We, as a firm would like nothing better than to give our shoppers every assignment that they choose.  However, the reality is far from this; final matching of audits to shoppers is driven WHOLLY by the client (whose shop you will go and audit).

Client’s instructions are generally very clear with respect to the profile & demographics that they require the shopper to have. Continue Reading →

How quickly do I need to complete the mystery audit report & who all will get to see it?

We run on tight schedules & deadlines, hence the standard practice is to complete and submit the audit report within 24 hours of completing the assignment (unless instructed otherwise by the redquanta project leader).

Reports are processed and reviewed by redquanta employees. These individuals (also called Editors) ensure that the information in the report is entered correctly & the shoppers’ responses & statements are factually consistent.  The Editors also check for grammatical & spelling errors and make the report ‘reader-ready’.

Individual shop/store reports and detailed summary reports are forwarded to Store Managers, District Managers, Regional Managers, and the client’s Corporate Headquarters.

Store Associates that have been evaluated by you may also see your reports; hence it is very important to be fair, honest, and objective when completing the report.