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It is not just about winning, as they say. It is about participating. I completely agree to this. Hence I don’t miss out on taking part in any contest I am invited to. At work, the other day a colleague told me, when we put in so much effort and do an honest day’s work, a contest just boosts enthusiasm to keep it up! If I win, I am in the ‘spotlight’. I get so much attention and accolades that I feel like a super star. The same day I got to know about being a Redquanter. And I said to myself, I am surely “in”!

Becoming a Redquanter is something I really want to give a shot. Reasons are pretty simple.

–          I love Mystery Shopping. I would love to be called Redquanter.

–          I would enjoy being featured all over the place, and my moments of fame on Social Media (after all everyone I know and care for is connected to me on Facebook).

–          It’s easy. Simple questions. Simpler answers. Its not rocket science, it is about being able to give witty answers. I am game to start framing my answers already.

–          Last but not the least; I need a break from my daily routine. This contest seems like a good break to me!

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